how a "brain drain" has come back to work :) | come un "cervello in fuga" è tornato in Italia per lavoro :)

TUTORIAL - English

This is the first Curriculum Vitae, worldwide, displayed in the Facebook Profile. Would you like to have your own, without restricting your privacy on Facebook? Well, I had this idea, but you can, too. It will takes few time.

Why it's brilliant and useful.

Brilliant because there are strong probabilities that your future employers are using Facebook in the usual way, not expecting nothing like this. They probably are bored by reading classic Cvs every day in the office. This is one way to catch up their attention on you.
Useful because every day, while you live your life and enjoy your social life, your Facebook Cv will reminds everyone who you are and what kind of job you want. Managing your privacy settings, you will be able to use your Facebook account as usual but any "non-friend" will read your Cv and will be able to share it around the world with friends and other people.

5 steps to get your own:

1 - Choose 5 main sections
2 - Check your statement
3 - Create your images
4 - Upload and tag the images
5 - Fill the captures with texts

1 - Choose 5 main sections

You probably have a Cv. Take it. Read it and find 5 main sections.
I opted for Contacts, Public sector, Private sector, It skills and Personal Skills, but there are more usual ways than this one. It depends by your job wanted. Usually you can use:

- Contacts
- Work experience
- Education
- Skills and languages
- Interests (or Portfolio, Pubblications, Honours, etc)

To remove all doubts, you can read an overview here and some professional explanations here.
After i did the first Facebook Cv, this blog suggested a way to make your own, that could be also useful for you.

2 - Check your statement

Check your statement. It will be displayed in the profile picture.
Read your statement and try to think about it as the first thing your future readers will see looking at your public profile.
Is it clear enough? If you need any tips, you can click here.

3 - Create your images

If you are not a graphic designer, you can do it easily anyway, but this is the hardest step.
Online you can find several photo editors and probably the most used is Pixlr, wich has a very simple editor. Click HERE for the following moves:

> The sections banners
- You only have to create a new image, set the size in 97 pixel x 68 pixel
- Click on "A", wich is the text tool
- Write the title of the section and manage the size of the font to take it inside the image
- Save the file and then upload it on Facebook following the step number 4.

> The profile picture
- You only have to create a new image, set the size in 189 x 540 pixel
- Click on Layer in the menu at the top and select "Open image as layer". Select your picture and go on.
- Then take it in the right position and click again on the "A", the text tool, to tap your statement. You can choose font and size of it, as you prefer.
- Save the image and upload it on Facebook following the step number 4.

NOTE: any image must be 97 x 68 pixel and the Profile Pic must be max 180 x 540 pixel.
If you are you a graphic designer, you can open Photoshop or something else and play it as you want.

4 - Upload and tag the images

Since your Facebook account has to be private you can use your favorite privacy level without limiting your public Cv.
Any image of your Cv has to be uploaded in the PROFILE PICTURES ALBUM (that is the only one public for default).

HERE is something different now: Fb doesn't allow anymore to upload images of these dimensions in the profile picture album, then you have to upload your section banners in another album. Same rules, different album  :)

NOTE: you must upload the images in backwards order, from last to first:

I uploaded mines in this order: Personal, IT, private, Public and Contacts to display them as you can see at the above image.
Well, now tag yourself in each of them, again in backwards order, to make them the last pictures of you on facebook. This way your friends will see your new creation till someone will tag you in new photos (if you want to continue to display it for your friends too you only need to “x” the new photos in the profile layout. This way you won’t “untag” yourself, you will only remove them from the profile layout).
Your non-friends won't see the new tagged images, if you have an high privacy level, this is why you don't have to "x" yourself for the un-friends.

5 - Fill the captures with the texts

Now you can copy&paste your Cv texts from your normal Cv in any of the sections, writing the title of each of them, too. Remember to insert at the top or at the bottom of each of them your website link and, if you prefer, the PDF link to download your normal Cv or other files you usually send via email.

What’s up now?

Now you’re ready to enjoy both private and public side of your facebook account.
You can use the Quotation Box to write references or quotations about you from your previous employeers or collegues or other and you can also adjust your bio, your interests, your spoken languages and your locations to make complete your Cv.

Well done :)  and Good luck!